I’m moving my parent/child into a dorm/assisted living home. Can I get help?

Absolutely! We give discounts for dorms and assisted living homes. We know the move can be difficult to manage, so let us help put your mind at ease by leaving their belongings in good hands!

I just bought a piano. Could you deliver it?

Yes! We can schedule pick-up and delivery for you!

I have another company transporting my stuff, but I don’t want to load/unload it. Could you do it?

Yes! We offer loading and unloading services at competitive prices!

I have stairs… Can you move my piano?

Absolutely! In fact, moving pianos in tricky scenarios is our Forte! We have a variety of specialized equipment that allows us to move even the heaviest of pianos with ease, providing a seamless experience for our customers.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have commercial auto, cargo, and general liability policies which exceed the state minimum.